If you want to lose weight,
quit trying!

Ten years ago, Aften Locken did just that. Not only did she lose a bunch of weight, she learned how to eat whatever she wants and never struggle with her body, food, or putting on pounds again. Before figuring this stuff out, Aften was highly experienced in get-skinny-quick fails. These repeated attempts, plus a long history of eating disorders, left her hopeless, heavy, and eating all the cookies in defeat. Thinner Bliss describes the completely different mindset and methods she used to go from weighty misery to slenderizing joy. It includes practical tools and tactics that have been fine-tuned over a decade and easily apply to daily life. She illustrates her insight with candid confessions of personal experiences and plenty of sardonic wit.


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I am an Executive Bourbon Steward hailing from the heart of bourbon country, in central Kentucky. 

Growing up here, bourbon seeped into my blood both by breathing the Kentucky culture, and sampling a stash of Heaven Hill, "hidden" in my dad's basement. 

My start in the booze business actually began with Tennessee whiskey, when I ran tours for a distillery in Memphis. Loving the tourism piece, I took that bit with me overseas, where I started Cambeerdia, the first and only craft beer tour company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Despite the endless adventure, I was aching to get back into the good stuff- Kentucky bourbon. Since returning in 2018, I now teach fine folks how to enjoy the delicious depths of this luxurious spirit. 

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