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Aften Locken

Bourbon Pairings and Presentations




 Learning to actually taste stuff - and I mean really taste the full-on flavor explosions of well-crafted food and drinks - has changed my life.


This is why I am an overly excitable, glitter-encrusted, melodramatic, Kentucky-bred uber-nerd, about helping others experience the flavor galore in bourbon and the elevating food pairings to go with it.


Pairing food with bourbon is my most recent passion. I believe in kind foods that are good for our planet, support animal welfare, and are, of course, absolutely delicious! 


Understanding the art, science, history stories and trends only amplifies a tasting experience further. I impart these elements on others by leading bourbon presentations, teaching classes, running tours and designing bourbon experiences. 


I have five years of experiences in the beverage alcohol industry. Although originally from the bourbon country known as Kentucky, I got my start in Tennessee whiskey, where I led a distillery tour program. My tourism expertise took my overseas, where I started a craft beer tour in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Since 2018, I have been back in the bourbon industry working with Distilled Living, and loving the opportunity to make strides with incredible industry geniuses on our team.




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